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Guidelines for the EBAC Road Cycling Club Group Rides

Revision 2 (dated 03/21/17) - Download PDF


The purpose of these club guidelines is to provide a charter for EBAC Road Cycling Club (EBCC) members to read, understand, and follow when participating in group rides organized by the EBCC. All guidelines, described herein, are to be followed by all members of the EBCC. If any guidelines are determined no longer to be appropriate, a revision may be proposed and agreed upon by members of the EBCC.

Description of Terms:

Club Commissioner: Appointed by the EBAC, this individual has primary responsibility of overseeing and organizing the group rides.

Ride Leader: May be other than the EBAC Cycling Club Commissioner and may change, week-to-week. Each club ride needs a designated Ride Leader and he/she is responsible for general ride organization as well as assuring that everyone on the ride has read and understands these by-laws.

Group Riders: Each group rider participates in each group ride under his or her own desires and is ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being for himself or herself as well as the effect of his or her riding on others participating in the ride.

Group Ride Guidelines:

The Club Commissioner, in collaboration with other riders of his or her choosing, will develop a Ride Schedule for the season, which typically runs from mid-March until the end of October. The Ride Schedule will show the starting location, which will typically alternate between EB / New London and EB / Groton facilities. For New London rides, the starting location will be at the parking lot at the ex-Day Care Center, 50 Pequot Ave. For Groton rides, the start location shall be from the parking lot outside of the Colonel Ledyard Building.

If weather cancels a Tuesday ride, the ride schedule may be adjusted otherwise as deemed appropriate by the Club Commissioner.

Unless specified otherwise, Group Riders need to be at the start location and ready by 4:15pm to permit the ride to start promptly at 4:30pm.

Regroup locations may be designated for a scheduled ride as defined by the ride leader. If deemed appropriate, the Group Riders may agree to divide the larger group into smaller groups based on the anticipated pace. A group must consist of at least two riders. All riders in individual groups have identical responsibilities as defined below.

Group Rider Responsibilities:

It is important for the continued safety of the EBCC rides that he or she acknowledges and agrees to the following responsibilities. All Group Riders shall: