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Road Cycling

Club Commissioners:

Tom Provencher, 867-4655

Greg Niles, 867-1943

Group road rides typically begin at the end of March (depending on weather) and go until October. Most rides range between 20 and 45 miles and are planned for Tuesdays with a departure time of 4:30PM. The starting locations alternate between Groton and New London facilities. See the road ride schedule or contact Tom Provencher or Greg Niles for more details.

Mountain Biking

Club Commissioner: Steve Barton, 867-2488

Ride Coordinator: Tom Provencher, 867-4655

Group MTB rides are TBD. Contact the commissioner or MTB ride coordinator for more information about rides and to be added to the group email list.

See the mountain biking page for info about local trails.